Building a World-Class National Prevention System

  Prevention science has reached a point at which all U.S. communities can ensure that each young person reaches adulthood with the skills, interests, and health habits needed to lead a productive life in caring relationships with others.1 The 2009 IOM1 report identified several tested and effective programs, policies, and practices for the prenatal period […]

My Brother’s Keeper: The Vital Role of Prevention Science

We were pleased to hear about the “My Brother’s Keeper” Initiative. It addresses a very significant need in society.  As President Obama indicated, young men of color are particularly at risk for a wide variety of problems. There are many factors that influence the statistics, primary of which is their high rate of poverty, harsher living […]

Benefits of the Mindful Pursuit of Values

Recent research in clinical psychology has revealed three basic principles that seem to have relevance for all of us.  The first is that rather than trying to control troublesome thoughts and feelings it works better to accept them and not struggle with them. In dealing with most problems of human behavior we are hampered by […]

Holiday Greetings

Every year at this time, I find myself wanting to enjoy the warmth and love that people so often show at this time of year.  And I find myself wondering why we can’t have it more often throughout the year.  We need to build a culture where every day most everyone tries to put a […]

Forging Unity for the Sake of Prevention

I was born on June 6, 1944. D-Day. It was a time of stress but also a time of unity — a unity absent in our nation and community today, but a unity that we could take steps to restore.

Values and Some Facts about Wellbeing

A widely accepted belief among scientists is that science cannot dictate values. Scientists can find out how the world works — including how society works — but those facts cannot tell us what we should value. Values are a matter of what we choose to make our lives and our society about.

Strategies for Reducing Family Poverty

Lane County has begun an unprecedented effort to address the problem of poverty. Public and private organizations are coming together and putting in place efforts to improve the economic self-sufficiency of Lane County’s citizens and to see to it that children living in poverty get the evidence-based programs that will help them develop the skills […]

All Benefit from Help for At-Risk Mothers

This was published in the Eugene Register Guard on July 7, 2013. Somewhere in Lane County a family is struggling right now. Perhaps the parents are unemployed, or a single mother is living in poverty. Maybe the parents themselves grew up in families whose parents never learned to be patient and nurturing. A child in […]